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The Natural News, editor Mike Adams, online newsletter/products, outlet for Agora, Inc. interests http://www.naturalnews.com/ (related to Gregory Adams of Sovereign Int’l Asset Mgt.?? –anyone?)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger: resident of Vilcabamba, Ecuador

founder of Ariel Software, Cody Wyoming; founder of EcoLEDS in Tuscon Az (products made in China); Truth Publishing International, registered Taichung Taiwan


http://www.truthpublishing.com/Swine_Flu_the_Health_Ranger_LIVE_Teleconference_p/cd-cat21547.htm Adams specializes in promoting pandemic flu..”He literally wrote the book on Bird Flu Preparedness and has been warning readers about the possibility of a pandemic outbreak for more than five years”. He says, “If this Swine Flu becomes pandemic, the ensuing chaos in America will make the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina look like a walk in the park.”

The website biog says “Adams is one of the most forward-looking thinkers on topics like the structure of modern civilization as well as its many vulnerabilities..”

[[say what? thinker on the structure of modern civilization?]]

–appears to be following the Gary A. Scott program of repackaging written copy into reports, booklets, newsletters, books, audio/video, etc. etc., standard Agora-hype fare


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