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May 2, 2010


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The Goldcor swindle and the death of Richard Brown:

“Brown became president of Tarsand in 1985, when the company changed its name to Goldcor. Brown, a born-again Christian who lives in Daytona Beach, was a founder and trustee of the International Christian Life Ministries, an evangelical organization. Some individuals, including Margaret French of Orlando, said they were informed by Christian stockbrokers that Goldcor was operated by Christians, and the religious connection was a motivating factor to invest.”


   “Richard Brown, 52, was found dead early in the morning in his Pelican Bay home. Found on a Saturday morning by his father, Brown, the former president of Goldcor and accused stock swindling mastermind,
Brown was due in federal court on the upcoming Tuesday to face charges he knowingly scammed investors out of millions. He claimed to have developed technology that could extract gold from the black sands of Costa Rica…” http://www.news-journalonline.com/special/coldcase/2008/092208.htm

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