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The Daily Reckoning


Bill Bonner, Addison Wiggin, Eric Fry, Joel Bowman / Contributors: Dan Amoss, Wayne Burritt, Patrick Cox, Dan Denning, Rocky Vega, Kate Incontrera, Dave Gonigam, Greg Guenthner, Bill Jenkins, Byron King, Alan Knuckman, Ian Mathias, Chris Mayer, Jim Nelson, Rob Parenteau, Steve Sarnoff / Guest Columnists: Adrian Ash, Robert Bauman, Ed Bugos, Chuck Butler, Doug Casey, Gerald Celente, Jeff Clark, Bud Conrad, Michael Covel, Ajit Dayal, Thomas DiLorenzo, Juan Enriquez, Dr. Marc Faber, Chris Gaffney, David Galland, Alexander Green, Leon Hadar, Brian Hicks, Frank Holmes, Doug Hornig, Eric Janszen, Marin Katusa, James Howard Kunstler, Nathan Lewis, John Mauldin, The Mogambo Guru (Richard Daughty), Robert Murphy, Mark Nestmann, Gary North, Ron Paul, John Pugsley, Kurt Richebächer, Barry Ritholtz, Lew Rockwell, Puru Saxena, Ben Simpfendorfer, Mark Skousen, Evan Smith, Lord William Rees-Mogg, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Paul van Eeden, Thomas E. Woods

5 Min. Forecast

“…a daily e-letter designed to cut through the incredible glut of “news” by providing you with a quick and dirty round up of the most essential ideas and not-so-common knowledge – in five minutes or less.”

…written by “Agora Financial’s editors and analysts.”…”handpicked and edited by Addison Wiggin and “Extreme” Ian Mathias.”

“In the past few weeks alone, our editors have had the opportunity to conduct rare interviews with Warren Buffet, Robert Rubin, Pete Peterson, Paul O’Neill, and more.”

Penny Sleuth

“Penny Sleuth is your source for actionable independent penny stock analysis, options strategies, and high-growth opportunities.”

Dan Amoss, James Boric, Ed Bugos, Wayne Burritt, Patrick Cox, Jonas Elmerraji, David Grandey, Greg Guenthner, Byron King, Alan Knuckman, Chris Mayer, Jim Nelson, Steve Sarnoff, Penny Sleuth Contributor(s)

Whiskey and Gunpowder

“Featuring insightful articles that explore a range of topics, including commodities, politics, technology, history, and anything else our writers could possibly dream up.”

Dan Amoss, Adrian Ash, Bill Bonner, Ed Bugos, Samantha Buker, Doug Casey, Bud Conrad, Patrick Cox, Dan Denning, David Galland, Gary Gibson, Greg Grillot, Bill Jenkins, Byron King, Alan Knuckman, James Howard Kunstler, Chris Mayer, Lord William Rees-Mogg, Jim Nelson, Linda Brady Traynham, Michael Shedlock, Don Stott

And these other (carnival sideshow) Agora Financial Publications:

Economics & Politics

Strategic Short Report

“Using the put options or outright short plays we recommend, you can protect your money and get some payback when bloated stocks get what they deserve.

Calling the shots is lead analyst Dan Amoss. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, a professional designation widely recognized within the investment community. And one of his first jobs was with Investment Counselors of Maryland, and investment advisor for one of the top small-cap value mutual funds over the past 15 years.”

Growth, Tech & Med

Bulletin Board Elite

“…bulletin board and over-the-counter stocks.

Bulletin Board Elite is the only investment letter committed to bringing disciplined valuation, high-level due diligence and critical analysis to the world of true penny stocks.

Lead editor Greg Guenthner knows how to get to the bottom of things — sifting through the information for you and meeting with the management.”

Penny Stock Fortunes

“…if you want to win, you need a reliable small-cap stock picker. And that’s exactly what Penny Stock Fortunes provides. It’s home to the proprietary CXS System, a five-point checklist for finding cheap stocks with phenomenal profit potential.

Behind the curtain is Greg Guenthner. Trained in newsroom, he knows where to dig for the truth about small-cap companies. He knows the people to talk to, the right questions to ask — ensuring that you never risk your money foolishly.”

Breakthrough Technology Alert

Investment in scientific breakthroughs and technologies.  “…your guide is Patrick Cox.

“Patrick got his start in computer software development and manufacturing. In the 1990s, he was a consultant for Netscape — the company that handled 90% of all Internet browsing traffic at the time. He’s appeared on Crossfire and Nightline, and his writing has been featured in USA Today.

His credentials make him one of the best tech analysts working today. He offers a pragmatic look at companies creating nearly unbelievable technologies. And his research has paid off. A single position in 2008 jumped 235% in exactly nine months!”

Crisis & Opportunity

Capital & Crisis

“…if you want to buy a truly undervalued stock, you need to dig deep.

And that’s exactly what editor Chris Mayer does in every issue of Capital & Crisis. As a former corporate lending bank officer, Chris knows what makes good companies tick. He’s an expert at finding “treasures” in a company’s books, from undervalued assets to underappreciated business lines.

…Chris follows in the footsteps of legendary investors like Benjamin Graham or Warren Buffett — pinpointing the same kinds of companies they might buy. That’s no coincidence: Chris has an unusual fondness for old books, old investors and old ideas. He claims a personal library of over 400 books, numerous periodicals, papers and pamphlets, which he brings to bear on understanding the financial world of today.

His essays have appeared on a number of Web sites and publications, including The Mises Institute, the Freeman, The Daily Reckoning, GoldEagle.com, LewRockwell.com, FiendBear.com, PrudentBear.com, Grant’s Investor and Individual Investor Magazine. His views on financial matters have also been widely quoted, including in the highly regarded Grant’s Interest Rate Observer.

You couldn’t ask for a better guide to value stocks.”

Mayer’s Special Situations

“Everybody knows that making bigger profits means taking bigger risks. That’s why conservative investors avoid promises of super-sized gains.

But Chris Mayer, the value-minded genius behind Capital & Crisis, is working hard to change that myth. His Mayer’s Special Situations is dedicated to taking you to the edge of risk-versus-reward.”

Lifetime Income Report

Dividends and other income streams…

“Using a seven-point filtering strategy, editor Jim Nelson specializes in finding companies that are well-established, well-positioned, safe and fundamentally solid.”

Options Investing

Resource Trader Alert

“Oil… copper… wheat… natural gas… even coffee. While you’re consuming these things each day, traders are making billions of dollars off of them.

Resource Trader Alert is your chance to dip into some of those profits. It’s like a VIP pass to the “Millionaire’s Market” of natural resources. Using instruments almost identical to the stock options you’re used to, you can turn tiny commodity fluctuations into double- or triple-digit profits. 

That’s right — you can make money whether prices are going up or down. And Resource Trader Alert editor Alan Knuckman will show you how.

Alan has over 18 years of commodities experience, starting on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade itself. So he knows the jargon and an extensive list of “in the know” contacts. But he’ll never make you feel like a chump. He makes his analysis and instructions crystal clear — so you always know exactly what you need to do.”

Options Hotline

“Options Hotline is one of the oldest and most successful options advisories available today.

Legendary author, researcher and options expert Paul Sarnoff created Options Hotline to help everyday investors understand how simple puts and calls could add a nice boost to your wealth.

Today Options Hotline is managed by Paul’s son, Steve, who was only too happy to follow in his father’s footsteps. At the heart of Options Hotline’s success is a strategy Steve likes to call “Superleverage” — the power to turn relatively small stock moves into big, big profits.

…Steve credits his tremendous success to lessons from his father as well as techniques he developed on his own. In fact, Steve pioneered the use of the Japanese candlestick charting technique — an ancient and amazingly accurate style of technical analysis that was virtually unknown to Western traders until just a few decades ago.

Today Steve is considered the foremost expert of candlesticks. Richard Russell, publisher of the Dow Theory Letters, even called Steve “the master of candlesticks.”

In between his weekly Options Hotline recommendations, Steve runs Samurai Strategies, Inc. based in San Diego, Calif. He has experience on the floor of the Commodity Exchange (Comex) in New York, and once worked as a stock and commodities broker with Dean Witter in La Jolla, Calif. And he has been a guest on the Market Talk radio show and has been quoted in Barron’s.

You can’t find a better source for option recommendations.”

Master FX Options Trader

“Currency trading…

…pioneering these new instruments is Bill Jenkins and his Master FX Options Trader. As an amateur investor, Bill lost thousands of dollars following other people’s advice. Then he discovered how lucrative the currency markets and studied them to learn exactly how they worked.”

Gold, Oil & Energy

Outstanding Investments

“…earn big money from the things that keep the world running. Things like oil… copper… natural gas… wheat… electricity… aluminum… fertilizer… coal… corn… water… even silver and gold.

…lead editor is Byron King, a former geologist and business lawyer.”

Energy & Scarcity Investor

“…Peak Oil — the end of cheap energy prices — is here, even if Washington and the mainstream press want to deny it. The evidence just gets stronger by the day… and that means giant spikes in energy prices could be just months away.

Lead editor Byron King is a Harvard-trained geologist who once worked for a major oil company. He’s seen the data. He knows what it means. And he’s figured out your best ways to play it.”

Reserve Members

Agora Financial Reserve

“From the Desk of Addison Wiggin:

The Agora Financial Reserveis your ticket to the most comprehensive investment analysis and recommendations available — all for one ultra-low price.”

Resource Reserve

“From the Desk of Addison Wiggin:

Welcome to the home of the most comprehensive commodity and real asset plays available. We have everything you need to profit from the things that keep the world running.

Energy… metals… even agriculture — the Agora Financial Resource Reserve has it all. You’ll get in-depth information on the best blue chip oil stocks… junior mining companies… over-the-counter alternative energy plays… exchange-traded funds and royalty trusts… even futures options.”

Under $10 Reserve

“From the Desk of Addison Wiggin:

If you know that the stock market’s biggest profit opportunities come from Wall Street’s cheapest investments — The Agora Financial Under $10 Reserve is designed for you!

We’ve bundled our best penny stock and options services into one convenient package —and made it available to you at an ultra-low price. From the in-depth coverage of penny stocks and over-the-counter stocks to bargain-basement option recommendations, we have you covered.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly our recommendations could grow your wealth — all for very little out-of-pocket cash. And you won’t have to deal with tricky strategies or complicated investments… our simple philosophy is buy low, sell high. It’s a thrill you’ll get to enjoy again and again!”

Columnists: Addison Wiggin Bill Bonner Chris Mayer Eric Fry Dan Amoss Byron King Alan Knuckman Rob Parenteau Patrick Cox Jim Nelson Greg Guenthner Ian Mathias Steve Sarnoff Bill Jenkins



Addison Wiggin is the executive publisher of Agora Financial, LLC, a fiercely independent economic forecasting and financial research firm based in Baltimore, Md. He’s the creator and editorial director of Agora Financial’s daily 5 Min. Forecast and editorial director of Agora’s flagship publication The Daily Reckoning.
Wiggin is the founder of Agora Entertainment, and executive producer and co-writer of the highly acclaimed documentary film I.O.U.S.A., which was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and the 2009 Critics Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature and was also shortlisted for a 2009 Academy Award.  He is the author of the companion book of the film I.O.U.S.A. and a three-time New York Times best-selling author. 
As such, he is credited by Newsmax.com for “calling it first and calling it right” with respect to the current and ongoing global financial crisis. Wiggin offers his analysis “with confidence and steady aplomb,” says The New York Times Magazine, and offers “a clear, cogent and compelling primer on contemporary American economics,” according to the Toronto Star
The film I.O.U.S.A. was inspired by the international best-sellers Financial Reckoning Day and Empire of Debt, which Mr. Wiggin co-authored with William Bonner in 2003 and 2005, respectively. To the delight of many, both books will be fully revised and updated and released in the summer of 2009. Financial Reckoning Day Fallout: The 10th Anniversary Edition is a timely guide to protecting and growing your wealth in this turbulent financial climate. Casting a wide-angle lens through history, the second edition of The New Empire of Debt depicts the rise — and fall — of our epic financial bubble.
Wiggin also authored the international best-seller The Demise of the Dollar… and Why It’s Even Better for Your Investments, which was revised, updated and re-released in January 2008.
Addison is a native of Stratham, N.H., founded in 1630 by Thomas Wiggin, a direct ancestor. But perhaps as an accidental consequence, he gained his most clear insight into free market capitalism while following the legendary rock band The Grateful Dead. Then, after several years as a “ski bum” in Telluride, Co., he earned an undergraduate degree in English and French from Western State College of Colorado in Gunnison and a master’s degree in philosophy from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM. and Annapolis, Md.
His career at Agora, Inc. – the world’s leading financial newsletter publisher – began in 1993, when he was trained as a copywriter by industry legends Bill Bonner and Michael Masterson, ultimately earning the prestigious and coveted Ouzilly Award for Writing Excellence at a ceremony in Ouzilly, France, in 2003.
In the ensuing 16 years, Addison has been an avid student, writer and commentator on financial markets and governments. He spent a year in the fundraising and communications department at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C., and several years living and traveling abroad —including a four year-stint in Paris, where he worked side by side with Bill Bonner establishing Agora’s French subsidiary, Publications Agora, and founding the U.S. and U.K. editions of The Daily Reckoning in London.
In 2004, Wiggin returned to Baltimore to assume the helm of Agora Financial, LLC, one of Agora Inc.’s largest U.S. based businesses and publisher of a number of award-winning investment newsletters, including Outstanding Investments, ranked #1 by Hulbert Financial Digest for coverage of the natural resource and precious metals markets. Agora Financial also publishes the maverick e-letters Whiskey & Gunpowder, Penny Sleuth and Rude Awakening. As Executive Publisher of the group, Wiggin has forged successful relationships with the leading publishers in the newsletter industry, including Casey Research, Prudent Bear, Motley Fool, Forbes, The Oxford Club, Stansberry & Associates, Newsmax.com, Weiss Research, Financial Sense Online, Eagle Publishing, John Mauldin, EverBank, Asset Marketing Strategies and others. He also founded The Agora Financial Reserve, a members-only exclusive club of Agora Financial’s most active — and, consequently, highest net worth — readers.
Through it all, Addison has acquired a unique macroeconomic perspective on the markets. His body of published work has been translated in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian. In a joint venture with EquityMaster.com, a Mumbai-based investment publisher, he’s currently developing a worldwide network of analysts for an innovative service covering the BRIC — Brazil, Russia, India and China — economies. And working closely with contacts in Dubai, UAE, to establish the global Richebacher Society. In 2009, he will begin work on a new documentary exploring wealth, risk and entrepreneurship in an increasingly difficult political environment in the West.
Wiggin’s work has brought critical acclaim from The New York Times Magazine, CNN/Money, The Economist, Worth, The New York Times, The Washington Post and others. Addison has been seen on CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg TV and many others. He has presented his ideas at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and at both the Democratic and Republican national party conventions during the 2008 campaign, as well as in speaking engagements in New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Beijing, Paris, London, Bonn, Sydney and other places. His work has included interviews with many of the world’s leading financial and economic thinkers, from all points of view, including Warren Buffett, Alan Greenspan, Ron Paul, Robert Rubin, Paul O’Neill, Paul Volcker, former comptroller general of the U.S. David Walker, Arthur Laffer and others.
Each year, Wiggin “and the economic brain trust at Agora Financial” (Baltimore Sun) convene a who’s who of investment analysts at the Agora Financial Investment Symposium  in Vancouver, B.C. The event in 2009 marks the 10th anniversary of both The Daily Reckoning and The AF Investment Symposium. Past speakers have included Steve Forbes, Jim Rogers, Doug Casey, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Rick Rule, and James Howard Kunstler. On July 21-24, 2009, many of these speakers return and Wiggin welcomes new speakers the futurist Juan Enriquez and renowned blogger Barry Ritholtz.



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