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Agora’s Associates

Significant related businesses:

ICI, Investor Communications International

Agora Investor Relations Corp. (http://www.agoracom.com ), founder George Tsiolis, “North America’s largest online investor relations firm”


Lines Overseas Management Ltd.(LOM), The LOM Group, http://www.lom.com/ Bermuda-based holding company with “regulated offices in Bermuda, Bahamas and Grand Cayman”, Directing Manager Scott Lines http://www.sec.gov/litigation/litreleases/lr18840.htm re: “The [SEC] Commission issued [4] subpoenas in connection with two separate investigations into possible fraud, market manipulation, and reporting violations in the securities of three U.S. public companies; Hienergy Technologies, Inc., Sedona Software Solutions, Inc., and SHEP Technologies, Inc….


The Daily Reckoning, contributors:

Martin D. Weiss, http://www.martinweiss.com/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_D._Weiss  In (mid-2000s)”The SEC instituted cease-and-desist proceedings against Weiss Research Inc….during the relevant time period, many subscribers who followed each Weiss Research trading recommendation –as Weiss Research encouraged its subscribers to do– experienced overall returns that were substantially lower than Weiss Research’s profit examples and most actually lost money.” Martin D. Weiss and Larry Edelson have a new “log-in” website http://weissresearchissues.com

[have more links for you shortly]


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