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Agora, random links

* “The AGORA program, set up by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN ( FAO) together with major publishers, enables developing countries to gain …”
Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture
“The agora (Hebrew: אגורה‎, plural אגורות, agorot) is a denomination of the currency of Israel. The Israeli currency – the new Israeli shekel (NIS) is divided into 100 agorot.
The name agora actually refers to three kinds of currencies that were used in Israel throughout its history, all of them have been subdivisions of the main currency units.”

* Agora Ventures Pte Ltd., Myanmar trading company, est. 2004. http://www.agoraventures.net

* Agora, Inc. www.foodsfortrade.com/sitemap3.php/id/3  ?

* Agora Software BV

* Agora Hosting (domain hosting)

* Agoracom, “North America’s largest online investor” http://www.reuters.com/article/pressRelease/idUS174724+06-Apr-2009MW20090406 , founder George Tsiolis

* Agora Consulting Partners (Canada) http://www.agorainc.com/default.htm

* Vantage Agora (VA) is a global company with offices in USA and INDIA … provides backoffice and manufacturing services to small and medium sized companies. Our backoffice services are tailored to Insurance and finance companies. “Vantage Agora provides a one-stop outsourcing shop for Manufacturing and IT companies looking to save 20%-30% on their bottom line.” http://www.vantageagora.com/Index.aspx

* Advantage Computing Systems – “Agora became an Advantage client in 2000.  The evaluation team wanted a better integrated system for their newsletters, supplements and list business.” http://www.advantagecs.com/Blog/

* Aagora, Inc. / “…is an ‘independent’ non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to ‘improving’ the social and personal well-being of the underprivileged population of Southeastern Europe. Aagora ‘promotes humanistic and democratic values’ through ‘education, advancement of health, protection and preservation of historical and cultural heritage, and support for the environment.’ Who We Are – Aagora is a 501(c)(3) charitable, non-governmental organization (NGO). Our organizational objective is to mobilize funding for activities aimed toward meeting specific needs of targeted groups. / ‘We support historical and cultural heritage, a clean environment, and integration of refugees into local communities by way of vocational training and assistance toward their self-sufficiency.”/ Copyright 2005 © Aagora Inc. 12808 Willow Wind Circle**Fort Washington, MD 20744

Ms. Nedeljka Mesinger, President of aagorainc.org http://www.aagorainc.org/

>>> Fort Washington, Md. (birthplace and home of G. Gordon Liddy etc.) is right next to Mt. Vernon: http://fundrace.huffingtonpost.com/neighbors.php?type=name&lname=Mesinger&fname=Nedeljka

Re: N. Mesinger’s work (ca. 1990) in modern weather control via silver iodine seeding, etc.: “Fedor Mesinger – Institute of Meteorology, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Yugoslavia / Nedeljka Mesinger – Federal Hydrometeorological Institute, Belgrade, Yugoslavia”: http://ams.allenpress.com/perlserv/?request=get-abstract&doi=10.1175%2F1520-0450(1992)031%3C0104%3AHHSIEY%3E2.0.CO%3B2&ct=1 ]

* Agora Inc is a private company categorized under Marketing Consultants and located in Evanston, IL. Our records show it was established in 1981* and incorporated in Illinois*. http://www.manta.com/coms2/dnbcompany_9bcb0b

* Agora, Inc is a private company categorized under Meat Brokers and located in Dawsonville, GA. Our records show it was established in 2000 and incorporated in Georgia. http://www.manta.com/coms2/dnbcompany_cqg1q9

* Below is an alphabetical listing of U.S. companies on Manta. This list consists of company listings from Agora Holdingb Lp THROUGH Agos Realty.
Agora Holdingb Lp Valatie, NY
Agora Holdings Llc Glen Cove, NY
Agora Home Designs San Marcos, CA
Agora House For Men Gainesville, GA
Agora Imported Foods Canon City, CO
Agora Imports Of Florida, Inc Miami, FL
Agora Inc Carpentersville, IL
Agora Inc Menlo Park, CA
Agora Inc Miami Beach, FL
Agora Inc Hartford, CT
Agora Inc Miami, FL
Agora Inc Columbus, OH
Agora Insurance Network Sltns Chicago, IL
Agora Interiors Incorporated Alexandria, VA
Agora International Corporation Guaynabo, PR
Agora Investment Group Inc Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Agora Investment Management Inc Saint Louis, MO
Agora Lab Urbana, IL
Agora Labs Inc Shrewsbury, NJ
Agora Language Marketplace Charlestown, MA
Agora Limo Inc Jersey City, NJ
Agora Marketing Internati Sunnyvale, CA
Agora Marketing Solutions, Inc Clearwater, FL
Agora Media North Adams, MA
Agora Ministries San Antonio, TX
Agora Ministries Minneapolis, MN
Agora Natural Surfaces Inc Culver City, CA
Agora Net Inc Newark, DE
Agora Occasions, Inc Chantilly, VA
Agora One Salem, MA
Agora Packaging Inc Fairburn, GA
Agora Partner Llc Alexander City, AL
Agora Planners Exeter, NH
Agora Productions Inc Tampa, FL
Agora Promotions Inc Cleveland, OH
Agora Publishing Boynton Beach, FL
Agora Real Property Llc Chapel Hill, NC
Agora Resources Inc Concord, MA
Agora Restaurant Corp New York, NY
Agora Sales, Inc Saint Petersburg, FL
Agora School Of Real Estate Llc Bonita Springs, FL
Agora Securities New York, NY
Agora Services Co Sarasota, FL
Agora Software Byesville, OH
Agora Solutions Ltd Pittsburgh, PA
Agora Spa Stamford, CT
Agora Studio Inc Atlanta, GA
Agora Systems Euclid, OH
Agora Technology Corporation Indianapolis, IN
Agora Technology Inc Kingwood, TX
Agora Tile Charlottesville, VA
Agora Tire Inc Humble, TX
Agora Treasures Knoxville, TN
Agora Web Group Inc Cleveland, OH
Agora Web Solutions Inc Chicago, IL
Agora World Fusion & Bistro Suffolk, VA
Agora Worldwide Unlimited Oak Creek, WI
Agora, Inc Dawsonville, GA
Agora, Inc Baltimore, MD
Agora, Inc Delray Beach, FL
Agora, Inc Baltimore, MD
Agora, Inc Baltimore, MD
Agora, Inc Baltimore, MD
Agora, Inc Evanston, IL
Agora, Inc Baltimore, MD
Agora, Inc Baltimore, MD
Agorae Miami, FL
Agoralogos Llc Sacramento, CA
Agoraone Inc Beverly, MA

Agoraphone Brooklyn, NY
Agoraphone New York, NY
Agoraquest Llc Rockville, MD
Agoras Excavating Construction Edison, NJ
Agoras Inc Potomac, MD



No experience required:

Jobs at Agora, Inc. | careerjet.com

    “Jobs at Agora, Inc.. List maintained by Careerjet, the employment search engine.”

Raintree, random links

Raintree Capital Partners, LLC

Raintree Ventures, (Westcomb Financial Group Ltd.) Singapore http://www.westcombfinancial.com/AR/ar2008.pdf

Raintree Strategic Consultancy (Westcomb Financial Group Ltd.) –link as above, “Raintree Ventures and Raintree Strategic Consultancy are subsidiaries within the Westcomb Group“…[see also Green Global Resources Ltd., Hong Kong]


http://www.agoramedia.co.uk/ this is interesting –found the link through Free Press websites– they offer “Social TV and Augmented Reality” through state-of-the-art internet design and software. The CEO, Richard Kastelein, lived aboard his ‘yacht’ named Golem in the Carribean. Has the adventurer/expatriate lifestyle it seems.


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